Why Join?

When was the last time you experienced the dynamics and personal rewards of group sharing?

Gart Sutton & Associates has a solution designed for dealers. We call our dealer groups the Best Operators Club. These are study groups or educational forums where dealers can plan, organize, direct, and control all of their profit centers.

Several of our OEM clients have given us the task of developing their Management Action Programs (MAPs). We have found that the extensive research of Best Operators and Best Practices have proven to be invaluable for developing real-world courses and practical support materials.

These engagements usually led to facilitation assignments. Through the classroom experience we have learned that nothing can enhance personal growth like the powerful interaction and exchange of knowledge that is generated within a group.

Join the Best Operators Club and we can provide you with the tools and support that could lead you to increased profits.

Why You Should Join a Best Operators Club Group:

  • We can provide you with an environment of camaraderie.
  • We can stimulate the self-motivation you need for your continued success.
  • We can offer the best industry-related education available to you anywhere.
  • We can supply you with measurements that will give you guidance and direction.
  • We can help you solve specific problems.
  • We can assist you with increased volume and profits.

Why the Best Operators Club Wants You:

  • You have a positive, success-oriented attitude.
  • You are willing to learn.
  • You are eager to share.
  • You keep the commitments you make to yourself and the group.
  • You hold information about other dealers absolutely confidential.
  • Your dealership is not located in an area that competes with other members.