Testimonials from our valued members help us know how we are meeting their needs. Below you can flip through some of the most recent dealer comments.

"Gart Sutton is without doubt our industry's leading 20-Group moderator; his 20-plus years of powersports knowledge, experience, and industry connections have benefited our dealership in countless ways over the years of our membership."

"We've been in as many a 3 different 20-groups, looking for the very best processes, systems, and ideas and without a doubt, the Best Operators Club offers the 'best of the best'. GSA's web-based composite is fast, easy to learn and easy to use, too!"

- Curtis Sloan
Sloan's Motorcycle and ATV Supercenter

"I have no doubts that we would not have been nearly as successful if I had not been a member of the Best Operators Club. For going on close to 20 years I've been able to take ideas shared by other dealers and make them my own instead of always trying to reinvent the wheel."

- Don Owens
Dothan Powersports

"My brother & I started our business 31 years ago. We always made money, very good money. I always thought that 20 groups were a waste of time & money. Several years ago as my brother & I tried to do other things we found that we stopped making money. We also wanted to move the next generation into the business. Things we took for granted because we had grown with the business they had no clue about. I decided that policies & procedures needed to be put in place to get profitable again. I shopped other groups & settled on Gart. Gart is the premier source for dealership profitability. I have never gotten the feeling from this 20 group that it's us against the customer which I think poisons some groups. We are the only dealership to win the Dealernews top 100 award since its inception. I think what has kept us fresh is the honest relationship we have with our customers. Gart's group supports that concept. One of the things I like about the Best Operators Club is the mutual support for ideas & better ways to be profitable & still give better customer service. I now have reports that I can glance at & tell if things are running smooth. Since we have joined I have noticed improvements in all departments as far as professional attitude among my managers. I attended a week long Dealership seminar put on by Yamaha in 1983 or 1984 that taught me how to make money in this business. I still have my notes from that class it was a blueprint for success in the Powersports business. That class was taught by a skinny young man named Gart Sutton."

- Bob Jones
J&W Cycles

"When I first joined the BOC the first thing I learned was how much I did not know about the motorcycle business. We have made many improvements in our dealerships' profitability. The members of the group visited/audited one of our dealerships that for the past two years was operating at a loss. The dealership's preparation since the visit and implementation of the audit findings resulted in the dealership now operating at a 6% net profit in a down market. A Dealer Principle will learn many things just through social conversation with the other Dealer Principles."

- Charlie Jansing
Alcoa Good Times/Mountain Adventures/Southern Mountain Adventures

"Without the benefit of the 20-group format, I am certain that we would not be in business today. It is truly a graduate school for dealers."

- Mike McBroom
Neosho Powersports

"I started in the powersports business as a Finance Manger and was promoted through the ranks to where I am today, an owner and General Manager of a large multi-line dealership. I was running a multi-million dollar business with limited college education and 7 years of powersports experience. With all the challenges that faced me each day, I soon realized I needed help! I have been a member of Gart Sutton's Best Operator Club for 7 years and cannot see how I would have made it with out them. This has been a learning experience equal to having a master's degree in power sports education, I call it Dealership 101."

- Robert Hintz
The Englehart Center

"Gart Sutton and his organization are responsible for much of our success at S&S Powersports. I purchased the business in 2002 and did not know the difference between good and bad financial numbers. The Voyager Reporting System and the individual dealers in the Best Operators Club showed me exactly where I was financially and what was possible by easily comparing my financials against industry benchmarks and financials of my peer dealers. Voyager allows me to single out hundreds of individual numbers to understand clearly where we are or are not performing according to these benchmarks and those of my peer dealers. The other dealers in my group are a constant resource and inspiration providing critical aid to help us run our two stores."

- Chris McCarty
S&S Powersports

"I listened to Steve's webinar via phone this morning and as usual he was awesome. In over 30 years of going to seminars and having trainers, Steve is by far one of the BEST."

- Jenni Stanfield
Freedom Cycles Inc.

"Gart – I met you in Las Vegas this week and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed your seminar -- your insight and realism that you display in your seminar/conference was amazing. I feel ashamed that I didn't read your column in the past nor did I realize who you were prior to the conference.

Obviously that has changed. I am talking with the owner of our store next week concerning the many things I experienced at the conference. We are looking to maybe restructure our department based on information learned at the conference. I have added your web page to my favorites and look forward to learning of the many things that are available to help us grow.

I wanted to thank you and to let know how much I enjoyed your point of views and your segment. I am sure you get letters/emails all of the time regarding the great work you do in displaying the importance of a good finance department, but again I wanted to share my praises."

- Deanne Kornacki
State 8 Motorcycles

"Your F.I.R.S.T Certified Workshop was the most relevant training program I have ever attended. Your style of teaching is very relaxed and understandable; your format is definitely optimum. I would recommend anyone who hasn't attended to attend."

- John DeBernardeaux
Liberty Motorsports

"Gart is awesome…"

- Gary Mullen
Bert's Mega Mall

"There is one 'Absolute.' The F.I.R.S.T. Workshop is 'Absolutely' worth your time, no matter what your experience level. P.S. It was fun as well!"

- Brad Dawson
Walt's Motorsports

"The open forum is ideal & makes it enjoyable for everyone! Gart Sutton & Associates…a true asset to the finance community."

- Jonathan Kyle
Finance Director
Bert's Mega Mall

"I don't know where to begin with how amazing your class was. After ten years of being the Business Manager and not having any formal training, you made a lot of sense of what I already knew and also gave me great ideas on what I can do to improve. It was a new, much needed change of perspective. I learned so much and am excited to take it all back with me and start using it. It is a lot of information, but I have a list made of what we are going to start concentrating on. You have such a good way of making things relevant and easy to understand. Thank you very much. I think anyone who takes your class would definitely not regret it. You are genuine, kind, and I like your sense of humor. Thanks again for everything."

- Kory Keller
Rob's Performance Motorsports

"I feel like I learned in 2 days what no one could have taught me in months. I am much more confident and have the words that I need to put me in the right situation to succeed with every customer. Again thanks for everything and tell your friend in Hawaii that it is fully my intention to take down his record of 63 (service contracts sold) in a row!"

- Scott Lynn
Clinton County Motorsports