In-Dealership Training - Finance & Insurance Department

In-Dealership Training

Looking for a big return on your training investment? Gart Sutton and Associates offers in-dealership training for all positions in all departments.

Finance & Insurance Department

Finance Manager Training:

  • Meeting the customer early
  • Menu selling (cash and finance customers)
  • Customer flow and how it helps finance
  • Overcoming objections
  • Handling cash customers
  • Priority maintenance
  • The latest legal regulations
  • Compliance review
  • How 4-square presentation affects finance
  • Office organization
  • Logs and binders
  • Reading and understanding a credit file
  • Working with banks
  • AND MORE...

Analysis and Implementation of Industry Best Practices:

  • Customer worksheet
    • Who presents
    • How it's presented
  • Customer intro to finance
    • Cash conversions
  • Customer intro to parts, MotorClothes┬«, etc.
    • Creating a "wish list"
  • Customer intro to service
    • Creating ownership
  • Planting the right seeds
  • Finance menu presentation
  • AND MORE...