Evaluation Objectives

Evaluation Objectives

In addition to developing learning objectives, we must also develop evaluation objectives. For example:

"Reaction" Evaluation Objectives:

  • What average score are we seeking on the written evaluations (e.g., 4.5 out of a possible 5)?
  • What responses do we expect to hear in the oral summary statements at course conclusion?
  • What responses do we expect to hear while conducting a telephone follow-up survey?

"Learning" Evaluation Objectives:

  • What percentage improvement is acceptable in the pre-testing comparisons to post-testing results?
  • What is an acceptable level of achievement in specific application exercise activities?

"Behavior" Evaluation Objectives:

  • What improvement responses do we want to hear at the intermediate and advanced tier training sessions?
  • What is an acceptable level of response on learner questionnaires?
  • What positive feedback do we want to hear from the field force?
  • What specific results are we expecting from the on-the-job assignments and self-study activities?
  • What positive responses do we want to hear at the round table group discussion?
  • What performance do we expect from the consultation required for certification?

"Results" Evaluation Objectives:

  • What percentage of improvement comparison is acceptable in pre-accounting versus post-accounting?
  • What percentage of overall improvement is acceptable?
  • What do we specifically want to see when conducting the individual on-location consultation inspections, evaluation, and examinations?