Best Operators 20-Club FAQs

Best Operators 20-Club FAQs

What is the Best Operators Club?

These are groups organized by Gart Sutton & Associates, Inc. There are multiple groups for you to evaluate for membership. Each group has its own personality and even its own meeting format.

What is the objective of these dealer groups?

The dealer objective is to obtain "results though education." These groups are not dealer councils. They are seeking improvement through learning, motivation, and camaraderie. They share (a) their numbers, (b) their ideas, (c) their successes, (d) their challenges, and (e) their solutions.

What is GSA's role?

  • To encourage financial input that is timely and accurate
  • To build expanded composite comparisons through multiple group associations
  • To plan, organize, direct, and control quality group meetings
  • To stimulate positive relationships between the group and OEMs
  • To increase each group's membership

Are these dealer groups a part of the OEMs?

All of the groups are independent from the OEMs. However, some groups are OEM-initiated or even OEM-supported (e.g., co-op dues).

How often do the dealers meet?

The groups meet three times per year. At each meeting, the members gain a consensus on the major topic for the next meeting. For example, last time one group discussed used vehicle at one meeting and the Service Department at the next meeting. Additionally, there are opportunities to visit and critique dealership operations.

How can I join?

Contact us via email at We'll respond with some additional details regarding membership requirements and dues.